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At The Colibri Piercing School, We Offer In Depth Training On All Aspects Of Body Piercing.

For many people, getting piercings is a rite of passage into adulthood. For some, it’s an opportunity to express themselves through new body modifications. However, for others, piercing can be daunting and risky. To help make the process easier and safer for all involved, Colibri Piercing School has compiled a comprehensive guide to piercing education. Piercing school is not just a series of lectures or demonstrations—it’s an educational experience that should be tailored to fit each student’s individual needs. That’s why Colibri offers several different learning paths for piercing artists. Whether you want to learn the basics or delve deeper into specific techniques and procedures, we have the perfect program for you. To get started, register online today! Our experienced educators will guide you every step of the way, and your progress will be monitored closely so that you can achieve success safely and confidently. 

Piercing artists are those who specialize in crafting body piercings. To become a piercing artist, you will need to first complete an accredited piercing school. This will provide you with the necessary training and skills required to create stunning body piercings. After completing your schooling, you will then need to pass an artist certification test. Once successfully certified, you can start working as a piercing artist.

The piercing school by Colibri piercing school offers a learning path for those interested in piercing. Offering classes for all levels of experience, students can learn the basics of piercing, from setting up piercings to advanced techniques. The school also has a staff of experienced piercers who are available to answer any questions and offer guidance on your piercing journey.


Toronto Piercing School Course

Cost: $2500 (initial piercing supplies included)

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FAQs About Piercing School

A 50% deposit is required before the start date ($1250+tax) which amounts to $1412.50. The remaining balance ($1250+tax) amounting to $1412.50 will be due on the first day of class.

No but we do recommend CPR/first aid and blood born pathogen courses. These can be taken at any time.

Yes. We provide certificates of course completion that states in the opinion of your teacher that you are skilled with all of the didactic content as well as the hands on section and have obtained a passing score on the final test.

In short, the answer is Yes, you can open up your own studio after successfully completion of our Piercing course and obtaining a certificate.

However, it is advisable to contact your local council to guide you through the process and ensure you follow the laws and regulations, covered in our theory modules.

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